Thinking about buying or installing a Ducted Vacuum System in your home or business or perhaps you’re a builder or electrician looking to give your client a little bit extra luxury in their home? Imperial Vacuum Systems have a power unit, hose and tool set and pipework to suit your needs.

What is a Ducted Vacuum System?

You’ve probably heard of a Ducted Vacuum System before, maybe a friend has one or you’ve seen one in a new display home. A Ducted Vacuum System is sometimes called a Ducted Vac or a Central vacuum. Essentially, it’s a power cleaning unit that is located in the garage, under or outside the house and is connected to pipes that lead to inlet points conveniently located throughout your home. You then simply plug in the lightweight hose and the power unit will start providing immense section power, allowing you to effortlessly clean your home.

Many people choose to have the power unit installed in the garage or car port area so that they can save on car vacuuming costs.

Ducted Vacuum System features:

  • Did you know that only 3 inlet vales per 25sqm are required? This means you won’t need to constantly change power points, like a normal portable vacuum would. And, as a bonus no more heavy lifting of a portable vacuum cleaner!

  • All Imperial Ducted Vacuum Systems come with a lightweight hose. Your installer will advise on the best sized hose for your home along with the location of the inlet points. Our hoses are sturdy and reliable and come in a range of sizes from 9 metres to 12 metres.

Is a Ducted Vacuum System better than a portable vacuum cleaner?

Of course! and here are some of the reasons why

More Suction Power equals less work

Imperial Ducted Vacuum Systems come with large internal electric motors that exceed the suction power of a standard portable vacuum cleaner. Increased airflow and lifting capacity allows your Imperial Ducted Vacuum power unit to lift dirt deep down in the fibres of your carpet that a portable vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

Cleaning has never been easier

Say goodbye to back aches from lugging a portable vacuum cleaner around your home. And, with safety in mind, you will never trip over a portable vacuum power cord again! With a range of floor tools that suit all floor surfaces, be it a timber floor, tiles or carpet an Imperial Ducted Vacuum System is the cleaning solution you have been waiting for.

Breathe easy

An Imperial Ducted Vacuum Systems increased power means instead of just cleaning surface dirt, it cleans deeply which means that all vacuumed areas are 99.9% dirt and dust free. Ridding your house of pesky allergens that make you and your family sick. If you or a family member suffer from common allergies like hay fever or eczema then an Imperial Ducted Vacuum System is the perfect solution for your home. You will notice the difference after the first time you vacuum!

Clean Quietly

Ever had the family complain that they’re trying to watch TV, sleep after a night shift or maybe your young one is napping while you want to clean? The Imperial Ducted Vacuum System sends all the noise to the power unit which as mentioned above is normally stored in the garage or an out of the way space. Finally you can clean the home in peace!

An asset to your home

Imperial Ducted Vacuum Systems not only keep your home clean but also add real value to your property value. In fact, many real estate agents list Ducted Vacuum Systems as a selling point feature.


Not only does an Imperial Ducted Vacuum System add real value to your home, but a complete system is often cheaper than a brand name portable system. Not only that, you will be using your ducted vacuum system for many years to come - long after a portable vacuum would have failed.

Still undecided?

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