The right cleaning tool for the right floor

Did you know that not all floor tools are the same?

Imperial Ducted Vacuum Systems offer a range of floor tools suit all different types of floors.

  • For timber floors, a natural bristle floor tool is recommended as there is virtually no way that the floor tool can scratch your floors. There are no metal parts, only soft natural bristles. This floor tool is available in the Imperial ducted vacuum premium and Imperial ducted vacuum deluxe hose & tool sets and is also available to purchase separately.

  • For carpets, a combo tool is generally recommended. However, if your carpets are a thick pile or you have pets then a turbo brush is recommended. A combo tool is included in all of our Imperial ducted vacuum hose sets. Turbo brushes are available to purchase separately.

  • Tiles, a natural bristle or combo tool is recommended for tiles.

No matter which ducted vacuum system you have, Imperial Ducted Vacuum Systems have a floor tool to suit your ducted vacuum and floor type.

Myth: Ducted Vacuum's are not as powerful as a portable vacuum cleaner

FACT: Many people have the belief that a Ducted Vacuum System does not provide as much cleaning power as traditional or even more modern portable vacuums. The truth is, a Ducted Vacuum System is in fact more powerful and more hygienic than a portable vacuum cleaner. It all begins with a large commercial grade vacuum motor which is generally 1 and a half times bigger than a portable vacuum motor, and a larger and more efficient filtering system. This can be either using a filter bag, filter or HEPA filter.

We generally find that people who own a Ducted Vacuum System and complain of low suction have the wrong size power unit to suit their home and pipework configuration.

Getting this combination is crucial.

I personally vacuumed my home for 12 months, twice a week with a Dyson Big Ball Pet vacuum cleaner. It did a good job, but when I installed my new Ducted Vacuum I was shocked to see just how much dirt and dust that had previously not been removed from the carpet, the system I chose was an Imperial 1650 which has a 20lt dirt receptacle, after one round of vacuuming my house I was shocked to see that the receptacle was just over half full! That’s 11 litres of dirt, dust and lint that have been removed from my carpets. For the next 2 or 3 vacuums I removed decreasing amounts until now I remove what I would consider a “normal” amount of dirt and dust on a weekly basis.

So it goes to show, a Ducted Vacuum System really is more powerful and efficient than even some of the biggest brand name portable vacuums.

Bag or Bagless?

Is a Filter Bag or Bagless ducted vacuum power unit better? This all depends on personal preference. Some people like the convenience of not needing to purchase bags, and like being able to see what has been sucked in to the system and clean the filter as necessary. Others like the convenience of a filter bag because they simply remove the bag from the ducted vacuum power unit 2 to 3 times per year, throw it in the rubbish bin and install a new bag. Bags on average cost $28 for a pack of 4. There really is no major difference in suction or efficiency between the units.

Ducted Vacuum Warranties

Many people ask how long should they expect their ducted vacuum system to last? In my opinion, a minimum of 5 years. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case in today’s market, as many manufacturers are driven to reduce quality to ensure profitability.

At Imperial Vacuum Systems, we believe in only using components of the highest quality. this enables us to give 6 and 10 year warranties on our whole range - An industry first.

- You can easily see that we certainly have no problem backing up the quality of our product!

This gives our customers the confidence that they will enjoy many years of hassle free use of their Imperial ducted vacuum system. - ST